Catholic Comments Podcast

The Spirituality and Psychology of Forgiveness

Dr. Michael Luebbert discuss forgiveness from a psychological and spiritual perspective.

Luebbert is a clinical psychologist in Omaha, Nebraska and a member of the faculty in Creighton’s Christian Spirituality Program. Luebbert’s recent book, Jesus the Heart Whisperer, is available here.


St. Catherine of Sienna

Janice Bachman, O.P. discusses the life and contribution of St. Catherine of Siena.

A graduate of Creighton University’s (Omaha) Christian Spirituality Program, Janice is on the summer faculty of Creighton’s Masterís Program in Christian Spirituality.

St. Matthew – Repost

September 21 is the feast of Saint Matthew. Fr. Dennis Hamm, S.J. comes back to the show to talk about both Matthew, one of the twelve, and the gospel that bears his name.

This program first appeared in 2009.