Catholic Comments Podcast

“The Common Good” from Aristotle to Mill

Philosopher David Ozar discuss the development of the Common Good tradition form Aristotle to Mill and its ongoing relevance to business education.

Ozar is Professor Emeritus at Loyola University in Chicago.

The Liturgies of Christmas – Repost

Frequent guest and liturgist, Eileen Burke Sullivan, discusses the different liturgies of Christmas day.

According to Burke Sullivan, each of the masses has a particular texture and each emphasizes a different aspect of the mystery of salvation.

This podcast first appeared in 2010.

Christian Hope in a Secular Age

Rev. Francis J. Moloney explores how the historical life of Jesus can serve as an inspiration to modern secular society.

Moloney is Senior Professorial Fellow at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne Australia. Moloney is a priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Advent and the End and Beginning of Everything – Repost

In this week’s programs we discuss the eschatological themes of Advent. Eschatology is an area of theology that focuses on theĀ endĀ or purpose of the creation and its fulfillment in God and Christ.

This podcast was first posted on December 2nd, 2013.

Liturgy in the Year of Mercy

Fr. Ricard Fragomeni reflects on how to think about liturgy during the Year of Mercy.

Fragomeni is a priest of the diocese of Albany, New York and teaches theology at De Paul university in Chicago.

Human Trafficking

Stephen Patrick O’Meara discusses the problem of human trafficking from the perspective of his faith journey.

O’Meara is the coordinator of the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force administered by the Nebraska Department of Justice.