Catholic Comments Podcast

Jesuit Liberal Arts Education

Rev. Michael Himes discusses the history and value of a Catholic Liberal Arts education.

Himes is a member of the Theology Department at Boston College.

Natalia Serna and Songs From the Border

Singer-songwriter Natia Serna discusses her work writing and singing about migration and the border experinece.

Serna goes by the stage name “La Muna,” and her work is available on Bandcamp.

Several websites were mentioned in this podcast:


Spirituality and Sports

Dr. James J. Carney and Dr. Max Engel discuss a course they recently co-taught exploring the connections between spirituality and sports.

Carney and Engel teach full time at Creighton University.

Saint Benedict – Repost

Rev. William Harmless discusses the life and legacy of Saint Benedict.

The program mentions the following items that may be of interest to listeners:

* The Benedictine Order
* The Cistercians
* Liturgical Press
* Saint John’s Abbey
* The Saint John’s Bible

The program first appeared in 2009.