One thought on “St. Ignatius of Loyola

  1. Brendan Rezich

    It seems that St. Ignatius and St. Augustine have similar backgrounds. Both had a less than pious youth that was defined by selfish and egocentric behavior. I wonder a lot of prolific figures in the Christian faith follow the pattern of being wretched in their youth and then pious as an adult. Maybe it was the way that the Christian faith was interpreted back then. If joining the faith and being baptized was viewed as an inviolable contract with God that requires absolute devotion I can see why younger people would not be ready to make such a commitment. I think that the idea that being in a crisis fosters discernment is very interesting. It makes sense to me because usually when people have “life-changing” experiences it is when they are in a condition of great stress and or despair. It seems that, like Augustine, St. Ignatius had to be in a depressed, confused, and frustrated state to be able to accept new ideas pertaining to Christianity. Father Gillick’s initial explanation of Saint Ignatius explanation of being able to discern God from other things like telling the difference between people’s footsteps is a little faulty because God is everything. This especially confused me because it is a Jesuit teaching to find God in all things. Therefore, I think a better explanation would be that when Ignatius investigated all aspects of his life he was trying to discern what qualities in everything can give us an idea of the attributes if God. Father Gillick had a similar explanation to this when he went into Ignatius looking for the “Voice of God and the Voice of his ego.”

    -Brendan Rezich


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