Backpack Journalism and The Global Church

What does Journalism have to do with Theology? In this program, program hosts John O’Keefe and Wendy Wright discuss a “Backpack Journalism” project at Creighton.

Backpack Journalism refers to the relatively recent phenomenon where high quality audio and video equipment can be easily transported in a small backpack, which dramatically decreases the cost and the complexity of creating multi-media journalism.

In 2010, O’Keefe and two colleagues from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Carol Zuegner and Tim Guthrie, brought students to the Dominican Republic where they, the students, created the mini-doc Esperanza. This short film profiles the ministry of Roman Catholic deacon Pedro Almonte, who works in an extremely poor neighborhood built next to the city dump in Santiago.

In 2011, the course will travel to Uganda to chronicle the Church’s efforts to foster peace and reconciliation after 20 years of civil war.

For more information about the Backpack Journalism project at Creighton, please visit

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