Parish Nursing

Rev. Alexander Roedlach, Ph.D. discusses the emerging phenomenon of Parish Nursing. Roedlach is a medical anthropologist and a member of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work at Creighton University.

2 thoughts on “Parish Nursing

  1. Ronnette Sailorsilors

    My name and website field will not populate–Ronnette Sailors,

    Thanks so much for this broadcast! Faith Community Nursing (Parish Nursing) is a movement that is at least 28 years old now, and there are thousands of Faith Community Nurses worldwide! They are registered nurses who integrate their faith with nursing practice within a faith community. We have been so pleased that Dr. Roedlach has been interested in this movement–if anyone would like more information on the practice of Faith Community Nursing, please feel free to check out our website (above) or contact me at 402-343-4395 or Thank you!!!

    1. Margaret Hoarty

      Thank you for this great interview with Dr. Roedlach. As a faith community nurse and a member of the Alegent Creighton Faith Community Health Network, it was gratifying to hear his comments about this movement. Faith community nursing, or parish nursing, has been a well kept secret that is coming into its own. Parishioners are eager for avenues to health education and health promotion which are provided by parish nurses. For those of us in the Christian tradition, our practice is rooted in the healing mission of Jesus Christ. The impact of the interface of faith and health cannot be overstated. The wholistic model used by faith community nurses reminds us that our physical and mental health do not operate alone, but are part of a more complete vision of humankind that includes the social, emotional, and, most importantly, the spiritual. Dr. Roedlach is doing a great service by delving into the role of faith community nurses here in Omaha. Thank you!


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