One thought on “Spirituality and Photography

  1. robert s breaux

    I too have had the experience about photography and nature as you relate…God’s Beauty is for all to see all that is required of us is to Look…


    When you need a special place to go
    Look for a place where nature is allowed to grow.
    From here it is where you can find
    A place to rest a troubled mind.
    God has provided many such places for us
    For He knew this world would be so hard to adjust.
    When each new day produces more and more stress
    We must give ourselves the opportunity to rest.
    We have to leave the crowds and maddening pace
    And seek out a quiet place.
    From here we can see the world God has created
    And in its truth and beauty become illuminated.
    God shares with His people everything He has done
    He longs for each of us to be called His son.
    From the peace and beauty He has created throughout this land
    We should realize we too are a part of His Divine Plan.
    Of all things God has caused to physically manifest
    He does truly love man the very best.

    from photography to Christen Poetry was my path…


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