Jesuit Higher Education and the Signs of the Times

In this program Fr. Dennis Hamm, S.J. considers the model of St. Ignatius as a challenge to Jesuit colleges and universities to discern the signs of the times.

Fr. Hamm is Professor Emeritus of Theology at Creighton University.

One thought on “Jesuit Higher Education and the Signs of the Times

  1. Rita Dollard

    The interviewers were far more articulate in this interview and should be named.

    The questions they posed were poignant and were left unanswered. What are the signs of the times: “what are the ways that we may need to do the same thing but in a new context..what are the things we should be thinking about more robustly in this moment.”
    That question now needs to be answered by those of us who now are the visionaries and the workers in the Ignatian apostolate. The challenge is still there for us!


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