2 thoughts on “Laudato Si’

  1. Gene R

    No question Laudato Si is an important document for guiding humanity. Some points to consider: First. God did give humanity “dominion” over the whole world and all that is in it. What is conveniently overlooked: that dominion is in reality Stewardship and as stewards we all are individually responsible and accountable to God for those things we can control. Second. People mention the prayer in the document in passing but none mention the absolute need for continuous prayer by all, especially those in decision making positions, to obtain the wisdom and discernment that enable them to determine the solutions/changes that are appropriate. There is so much “data” out there that can be manipulated to validate any position. Both sides frequently cull that data to eliminate or discredit that which does not agree with their view whether the environment or other issue. Calling those who disagree stupid, or unreasonable does not encourage the dialog necessary to define problems and develop solutions Academics are particularly guilty of this as they have influence over the minds and grades of their students. Third. Solutions do require the “wisdom of Solomon” and prayer. For example, it is simplistic to say stop buying what we don’t need, or eliminate the use of fossil fuels but what happens to the millions employed producing these products? What happens to these people, especially the poor during a transition period and equally important, do the proposed solutions ultimately create a greater problem. Fourth, All social systems Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism share equal guilt in exploiting the resources of the planet for their own purposes. It again is unfair to focus on one system. Perhaps Capitalism has the greater potential to develop the changes necessary than the others. Some things to think about.


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