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Ethics and the Built Environment

Dr. Jill O’Brien of Creighton’s theology department discusses the ethical and religious implications of the built environment.

Dr. O’Brien specializes in environmental ethics.

Parish Nursing

Rev. Alexander Roedlach, Ph.D. discusses the emerging phenomenon of Parish Nursing. Roedlach is a medical anthropologist and a member of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work at Creighton University.

The Jesuit Commons

Dr. Tom Kelly of Creighton’s Theology Department discusses the new Jesuit Commons initiative.

The Jesuit Commons is bringing higher education to refugees by leveraging the resources of Jesuit colleges and universities around the world.

John Howard Griffin – Author of “Black Like Me.”

Roger Bergman discusses the life and contribution of John Howard Griffin, author of the famous book “Black Like Me.”

Griffin was a convert to Catholicism and a friend of Thomas Merton.