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Hildegard of Bingen

Rev. William Harmless, S.J. discusses the life and contribution of Hildegard of  Bingen.

We recorded this interview in September 2014, just a few weeks before Harmless’s unexpected death. Harmless was a frequent contributor to this program and will be missed. This is, sadly, the last of the Harmless podcasts recorded last fall.

This program references contemporary efforts to revive Hildegard’s music.  One of the best of these is the Sequentia Project.

Why should Catholics care about Jews and Judaism?

Dr. John Clabeaux discusses the relationship between the Old and New Testament and the importance of Judaism for Catholics.

Clabeaux is a professor of Scripture at Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary.

Holy Family (encore)

Today were are reposting a podcast on the Holy Family that we published in 2009:

Father Joesph Chorpenning joins host Wendy M. Wright via telephone to discuss the historical development of the feast of the Holy Family.  The feast grew in popularity along with the rise of the nuclear family in Western culture.

The Christian Doctrine of God: The Council of Constantinople

Fr. Bill Harmless, S. J. discusses the Council of Constantinople and the efforts of the Church in the fourth century to articulate a coherent Christian monotheism.  This is the second of a two part show that began with a discussion of the Council of Nicaea.