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Backpack Journalism in Uganda


Program host John O’Keefe discusses his trip to Uganda for Backpack Journalism 2011.

O’Keefe, two colleagues from the Journalism department and 14 students traveled to northern Uganda to study the Church’s efforts to help the region recover from a brutal civil war.

Rev. Simon Harak, S.J. on Peacemaking

The Rev. Simon Harak, S.J. discusses his work at the Center for Peacemaking at Marquette University.

Special attention is given to the topic of “war profiteering,” which was the subject of a lecture that Harak delivered at Creighton university in March, 2011.

Bishop Nicolas Djomo and the Church in the Congo

Bishop Nicolas Djomo from the Democratic Republic of the Congo discusses the war that has ravaged that country and what the church is trying to do about it.

If you are interested in helping with a financial contribution, please contact Catholic Relief Services.

The Church in the Congo

Today’s guest is Albert Shuyaka, a seminarian from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In this interview, Shuyaka discusses the violence that is dominating life in his country and the role of the Church in the midst of that struggle.

The Blessed Franz Jagerstatter

This week Roger Bergman discusses the life of Franz Jagerstatter, who was executed in 1943 by the Nazis for refusing to serve in the military.

Jagerstatter was beatified in 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI and declared to be a martyr.


Terence Rynne, founder of the Marquette University Center for Peacemaking and author of “Gandhi and Jesus: The Saving Power of Non-Violence” joins hosts John O’Keefe and Wendy Wright to discuss his work.

The Church in Northern Uganda 2

In March 2009, John O’Keefe traveled to Uganda with Computers for Africa. (Listen to the interview we did with the founders a few years ago.)

In Lira he had the opportunity to interview Rev. Pontiano Okalo, vocations director for the diocese of Lira. Twenty years ago, Fr. Okalo was abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army and forced to be a child soldier.

O’Keefe spoke with him about his experience and his ministry. The interview took place at St. Joseph Seminary in Aboke, Uganda. Aboke was also the site of a large abduction of school age girls, which has been chronicled in the book Aboke Girls: Children Abducted in Northern Uganda.

Our program “The Church in Northern Uganda 1,” was posed on May 5th, 2009

Photos of one of Northern Uganda’s refugee camps can be seen at John O’Keefe’s photostream on flickr.